Laboratory furniture MERCI® TOP LINE

Individual elements of MERCI® laboratory furniture in TOP LINE allow complex equipment of laboratory interiors with a guarantee of high utility value and aesthetic level fully comparable with top manufacturers from other EU countries.



We were inspired to create this line by input of some top subjects in the field of science, research and production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Modules of furniture in TOP LINE are designed as a system with standard widths 450, 600 and 900 mm. Modules also can be made out of standard dimensions in TOP LINE.



Worktop height is standard for work in a sitting position 750 mm and for work in standing position 900 mm (according to ergonomic recommendations). In TOP LINE we can make worktop height out of standard height or even without worktop for better access.



Laboratory furniture in TOP LINE can be made from particle board (MDF) or high pressure laminate (HPL).



Metal parts for fume cupboards and service cells we provide with anti-corrosion coating to increase chemical resistance.



The cabinets in this line are equipped with fittings of the highest possible standard e.g. hinges allowing 270 °, drawer system with pneumatic damping.



Worktops for your laboratory you can choose from a wide variety of materials: postforming, ceramic acid-resistant tiles, artificial stone, AISI 316 stainless steel sheet, epoxy resin (DURCON), ceramics, high pressure laminate (Max, Trespa), polypropylene, tempered enamel glass etc.



Elements of furniture from TOP LINE are compatible with elements of furniture from STANDARD LINE.



Laboratory fume cupboards MERCI® N and MERCI® M can be made in TOP LINE version.