Laboratory furniture MERCI® EKO LINE

EKO LINE is typically the most economical solution from MERCI Ltd. using ecologically certified materials as with all our lines.



Individual elements in EKO LINE furniture are clearly defined without the possibility of atypical shape and dimension, which give users and investors relatively easy way to compose laboratory workstations without complex consultation with the designer.



Modules of furniture in EKO LINE are designed as a system with standard widths 450, 600 and 900 mm only.



Worktop height is standard for work in a sitting position 750 mm and for standing position 900 mm (according to ergonomic recommendations).



Laboratory furniture in EKO LINE is made from particle boards (MDF) with ABS edge.



Laboratory furniture is placed on height - adjustable metal feet (150 mm), enable easy cleaning.




Furniture in EKO LINE is not based on the STANDARD or TOP LINE of laboratory furniture MERCI® and therefore it is not possible to combine with it. There is used a different construction and based on our experience the number of elements in this line is closed.



Laboratory fume cupboards MERCI® EKO and service cell MERCI® EKO is made specially for EKO LINE.



Colour design in EKO LINE is defined:



particle board (MDF)        : corpus - white PE (18 mm)



                                           : fronts - grey PE (18 mm)



ABS edge                            : corpus - white PE (0,5 mm)


: fronts - grey PE (2 mm)



postforming : grey S122



ceramic tiles : white 150 × 150, white edge



metal construction : grey RAL 7035



Worktops for your laboratory you can choose from a wide variety of materials. For EKO LINE is most affordable postforming and ceramic acid-resistant tiles.